Lithium-ion cells

The end of oil begins

A battery cell manufacturer at heart, Northvolt offers high-performance lithium-ion cells based around proprietary Lingonberry NMC chemistry available in cylindrical and prismatic formats.

Some numbers to back it up


renewable energy powering cell production.

Recycled material

By 2030 half of what goes into new Northvolt cells will come from old batteries.

Less CO2

Our 2030 carbon footprint target comes from harnessing clean energy

Cylindrical cells

Ordinary outside. Anything but inside.

2170 cylindrical cells in three flavors: Energy, Power and Life. Simple, powerful, dependable. And fit for any application from power tools to snowmobiles.

Prismatic cells

Ready to make the world green. With envy.

Prismatic cells built to specification. Custom chemistry with dimensions by design.

Traceability & Prediction

Intelligence in manu­facturing

We’re developing cell production lines that are as smart as they are sustainable.

It’s work enabling deep cell traceability, more efficient manufacturing and enhanced cell performance through lifetime performance and degradation prediction.